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We are enthusiastic about personal privacy and will take all reasonable steps to protect yours. This page describes how we will go about this.

Data Collection

Firstly, you need to know how we collect, store, and use information about you.

We do not in fact collect any information about our site visitors. There is certain information available to us; such as the IP address that you used when you visited our site, pages that you visited, the time you spent on those pages and the order in which you visited them. It is also possible for us to find out other data, such as the browser and the type of device that you were using. None of this information can be used by us to personally identify you.

Data Storage

We do not store any of this data on our system. However if you contacted by e-mail we will keep copies of all correspondence, purely for the purpose of answering your queries. If you do not wish us to store these e-mails we will be quite happy to delete them, if you request us to do so.

Transfer of data to third parties

We use the information we have about you solely to help us improve our website. We will not attempt to send you any promotional information without a direct request from you. Neither will we provide any information about you (assuming of course that we have any!) To any other person or company, unless we are specifically ordered to do so by a properly authorised court official or police officer.

Data Protection

Our website is protected by industry standard security systems and whilst no one can guarantee 100% security of any system which is connected to the Internet, we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that it remains inviolate.


Our website does not use cookies at present. We may however do so in the future. A cookie is a small program which stores a very small quantity of data, and usually includes a unique, identifying number. This cannot be used to personally identify you. If we do use cookies in the future, their sole purpose will be to help us to improve our site. You may if you wish to block cookies completely from your computer; how to do this will differ from one operating system to another but there is plenty of information available online on how to carry this out on your own computer. Please bear in mind however that blocking cookies may reduce the functionality of a website, and make it more difficult for you to use.

Links to Other sites

There are hyperlinks on our site which, if you click on them, will take you to another website entirely. When this happens you leave our site completely and our own privacy policy is no longer effective. You should then ensure that the privacy policy of the website you have been transferred to is acceptable to you.

Alterations to This Policy

Whilst this privacy policy is our current one it may be subject to change in the future. We therefore recommend that you read through this policy again on subsequent visits, to ensure that it is still acceptable to you.

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